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Whether a creator or a collector, 8mint has something for everyone. Protected by our exclusive “8tacle” security system, users can connect with confidence to a discover, create or market blue chip NFTs on the easiest to use and most secure minting platform ever.
These incredible tools are only available to loyal supporters holding our "Cool Creator" or "Smart Collector" NFT passes. Get yours now as the supply is limited and only 10,000 of each will ever exist. 🚀🔥
Exclusive “Cool Creator” NFT pass benefits
  • Easily create, manage, and execute whitelists on ETH, Polygon, and BSC
  • Create dedicated project listing pages
  • Fair raffles powered by Chainlink
  • List a project, create an access list, execute raffles, and export the wallet addresses.
  • Cross-marketing events (The first big event is the ProtoRace Ahiru Collection with our friends at ProtoVerse. All whitelists are on 8mint!)
  • Social media channels' growth
  • Access to our partners' blockchain tools
  • A world stage for your project
  • No IP address restrictions - transfer the creator pass license from domain to domain
Exclusive “Smart Collector” NFT pass benefits
  • Access to community-verified NFT projects.
  • Avoid phishing attempts by utilising our unique NFT ownership authentication tools - never jeopardise your high-value NFTs
  • Participate in raffles with fairness technology developed by Chainlink and implemented by ProtoVerse
  • Call shotgun on unicorn projects
  • Access Premium Projects to securely mint through audited smart contracts
  • Stay on top of the hottest projects and developments
  • Discover projects with great referral programs on 8mint
  • DAO governance (roadmap)
What are Premium Projects?
The Premium Projects package is an all-in-one solution - list your project, create raffles, whitelist, and effortlessly enable minting through a custom branded page and audited smart contract.
  • A vetted, custom minting page powered by Chainlink and ProtoVerse
  • Smart contract audit badge from ProtoVerse
  • We can help you incorporate blue-chip blockchain technology into all of your awesome designs and turn them into valuable NFTs
  • Unique 8mint whitelist oracle integration enables Premium Projects to allow raffle winners to safely mint their NFTs from the branded minting pages smart contract right on our platform.
  • Low 5% platform fee automatically managed through the smart contract!
  • Our built-in referral feature tracks of your best referrers and their most active referrals. This allows you to easily identify your most productive community members and engage them with precisely tailored marketing campaigns!